The Grimoire Gathering 2010

the most important occult event in the UK this year!

This new exciting occult event is taking place in a small south Shropshire village, high on the Welsh border, the last unspoilt place in England, 'Tolkien's Shire'.

The event takes place on

Saturday 11th September 2010


11am - 6pm

& is hosted by the Mercurius Press.

There is free carparking and caterers will be in attendance.

Also there are plenty of bed & breakfast

establishments in the area as well as campsites, for those who wish to make a weekend of it and explore the many

castles, stone cirlces and hill forts in the locality,

 or simply walk among the woods and hills.

All the speakers are noted for their experience of our arte

and can therefore speak with authority on their subject.

Also present will be the following book sellers,

Atlantis, Midian & Labyrinth.

Plus Avalonia, the Mercurius Press & Wands and Staffs

with their fine array of carved woods.


Tickects for this prestigous event are £10 each (£12 on door)

Cheques pay Mercurius Press


Craven Arms




Speakers are:-

David Cypher...Agrippa & the Four Books of Occult Philosophy

           David Rankine...The Key of Solomon 

                Jake Stratton-Kent...Grimorium Verum


                            Geraldine Beskin...Frederick Hockley, Magician



Where does one start when exploring the Grimoire Traditions? The day could easily become a weekend and then a week, or indeed a life time!  But with this event I have decided to concentrate on those areas that will be not only known to the student of the arte, but are also deemed to have been the most influential, although some may disagree with this. Agrippa for example, with his three books, as the fourth is considered by some to have been attributed to him and not his work, can be considered as the foundation stone of the Western Magical Tradition.  Having been plundered by Barratt when compiling his influential work 'The Magus'and of course it was also an important source for Mathers.

  As for the Key of Solomon, again highly influential.  Gardner acquired the 'Athame' therefrom, Huson used the sigils found for the wand and the aspegillum among others for the cup and the wand in 'Mastering Witchcraft', not to mention the Vassago working as found in the Lesser Key, which was also I believe a source for some of his cursing works. (See The Veritable key of Solomon, Rankine & Skinner) I could go on.

  The Grimorium Verum, whilst perhaps not so widely known in the English speaking worlds, has, nonetheless enjoyed a place of high prominance among the continential students of the arte.  One can easily see how it has drawn upon sources such as the Heptameron as has the Goetia , or Lesser Key of Solomon. Having mentioned the Heptameron I'm mindful that it should really have been included, but there is only so much that can be done, perhaps another day looking at those areas not covered by this event needs to be considered?

Frederick Hockley does not get the credit that he deserves, hopefully this talk will go a little way to rectify this.  Hockley was a very busy occultist, whilst his day job was as a accountant in Victorian England he managed not only to hand copy various grimoires and manuscripts but to leave a record of some 1200 evocations and magical workings!  



Clun is some 30 miles south of the county town Shrewsbury and is situated on the A488. It has a population of 800 people but  has a fine hall for an event such as this.  Carparking is free at the hall and will accomodate some 80 cars.  The hall is disabled friendly with no stairs.  It also has good catering facilities and a caterer will be in attendance providing sandwiches and hot food all at a reasonable price. Clun can be approached from the Midlands via the M54 to Shrewsbury then either the A488 or the A49 to Craven Arms where you will need the B4368 which will take you directly to Clun.  If coming from the south then the M5 to Worcester and you will find that Ludlow which will be some 30 miles from Worcester is on the southern end of the A49 some 7 miles south of Craven Arms.  From south Wales pick up the A488 at Llandrindod Wells and you will be some 40 minutes away.  Coming from North Wales head for Shrewsbury and follow the above.  When arriving at Clun the Memorial Hall is a couple of minutes of the main street and is well sign posted. There are plenty of Bed and Breakfast establishments in the locality and also, at nearby Bishops Castle which is only 6 miles fron Clun, there is a good campsite. 

It also has the oldest brewery in the country. Clun has its own website

Ticket Grimore Gathering 2010

£ 10 

This is a ticket that admits one person to the Grimore Gathering 2010
Saturday September 11th 2010 at the Memorial Hall Clun Shropshire SY7 8NY UK


'For the Man of Religion, Believes in God

The Magician, Knows God.'

(Ars Solomonis)  

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